According to the notification of “Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection” (BSMI) meeting on July 26, 2013, it is expected that lithium secondary cells/modules, lithium power banks and battery chargers for cameras, computers and cell phones (3C) will be added to the list of products regulated under the Commodity Inspection Act on March 1, 2014. These products will be required to obtain certification under the Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme before they are sold in the Taiwan market.

On September 25, 2013, UL Taiwan was appointed by the BSMI as a designated test laboratory for rechargeable lithium batteries, power banks and chargers under the applicable CNS standard. UL can test and facilitate the issuance of the certification through BSMI for these products.

An official announcement on the additional regulated products  is expected to be published in October 2013.

For additional information go to GMA page for Taiwan.


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