UL’s Global Market Access services give you the ability to achieve and maintain product compliance; increase speed to market; reduce costs; improve market success, product safety, overall compliance and quality; and manage risk. Manufacturers can choose any combination of our services to fit specific needs or have UL deliver a turnkey solution in which we handle the entire process and deliver the desired certifications, marks and regulatory approvals.


Whether it is pretesting of new designs or testing for compliance and acceptance toward entry into your target markets, UL has a global network of laboratories and resources that can provide testing services where you need it. UL’s participation in global certification schemes such as the CB Scheme allows you to conduct one set of tests that provides access to multiple markets with limited or no need to retest depending on the market.


With a network of offices around the world, you can work with UL staff locally to gain the global certifications, management system registrations and product acceptance you need. UL is accredited to issue many of your target certifications directly as a certification office or by participation in global certification schemes. UL has also established strategic relationships with regulatory bodies throughout the world to obtain the certifications and registrations on your behalf.


Through expert assessment of products to determine quality and compliance, UL may conduct initial and follow-up factory inspections required to obtain and maintain the certification required in your target markets.


With unparalleled insight, support and solutions, UL may conduct initial and follow-up audits required to advance your business in the world marketplace.


UL’s intellectual assets include our exceptional Global Market Access team of professionals with vast technical, regulatory and industry experience. We provide an objective and expert perspective on your situation, applying a wide range of resources and experiences to build an integrated approach to solving specific or complex issues related to maintaining compliance to the changing global regulatory scheme.


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